Lucid Dream Adventure 3 3.0.7 (Full) Apk + Mod for Android

Lucid Dream Adventure 3 3.0.7 (Full) Apk + Mod for Android

Lucid Dream Adventure 3 3.0.7 (Full) Apk + Mod for Android


Lucid Dream Adventure Cover

If you like gloomy adventure games and point and click games with horrible story as well as hidden object games, play Lucid Dream Adventure!

Third and last chapter of Lucid Dream Adventure continues fable history of Lucy, little girl confined to a wheelchair. This adventure game is full of riddles and rebus. Discover the secret of Oneiromancer and free Lucys mother from her pain. This story will tell you if you are good at hidden object games, escape room and creepy games. This thriller is great storyline games for adult, as well as game for girls and games for boys (its not only games for kids). Start your expedition and new level of Lucid Dream Adventure. Gloomy dream is waiting for you!

Classic point and click/ adventure games with gloomy story.
Top 20 of the Google Play Indie Showcase 2019!
Nominated for the Indie Prize Award 2018 and Pixel Heaven 2018!
New levels full of riddles, puzzle games and rebus (hidden object games and escape room).
Each level with its unique magic soundtrack.
Suitable game for girl and games for boys (its not only adult games).
Beautiful hand-drawn HD graphics.

Epic history full of joy and gloomy brain teasers.

In the third chapter of Lucid Dream Adventure you will fight a demon tormenting mother of little girl Lucy and discover secret of mysterious Oneiromancer. Will Lucy defeat death and nightmare before dark souls possess her mind and play challenge games with her? Will antique gods help little Lucy before limbo of silent age comes to the dream world? Start an expedition into the creepy thriller nightmare and solve the secret of Lucys mother.

New levels that will delight you :

Abandoned desert of time.
Gloomy world of eyes.
Secret favelas of Babylon.

Characters you will meet:

Watchmaker of Light your only hope!
Salvador Dali yes, Salvador Dali!

Addictive gameplay and puzzles:

solve the puzzle of gloomy eye and find legend telescope
dont lose hope in mysterious house
start magical expedition into the stars

Dali Games mission:

We are small indie studio from Poland. Our mission is:

we create adventure games with good story
indie games for android are the best!
we always try to create best storyline games with great history
adventure games and point and click games are our passion
no more boring games for boys and game for girls
create interesting adult games but suitable for kids
always try to create best story ever

Join our surreal world of Lucid Dream Adventure, solve riddle, puzzle and help little girl Lucy!
It is an easy game that takes up little space on your device. Game without internet and wif!


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