Ghost Town Adventures 2.55.2 Apk + Mod (Coins) for Android

Ghost Town Adventures 2.55.2 Apk + Mod (Coins) for Android

Ghost Town Adventures 2.55.2Apk + Mod Coins for Android


Ghost Town Adventures

Welcome to Ghost Town!

Start an incredible journey into the cursed city and unveil the story of haunted houses! Adventures, riddles, unsolved secrets and mystical stories await you!

Key games features

🎃Side storiesIf you like narrative and want more, you will like lots of the side quests that reveal all aspects of game. Every update brings new exciting stories and episodes.
🎃Unique gameplay:Explore mysterious houses and reveal the secret of Ghost Town.
🎃Detective plotand beautiful story of the mysterious Ghost Town.
🎃A new friend:Meet Anna brave little witch who can solve any riddles!
🎃More than 100 characterswith mysterious stories and riddles only you can reveal their secrets!
🎃Dangerous enemies Tricky ghosts, mysterious spooks and the main villain the Dramatist.
🎃Exciting alchemy Mix the magic ingredients and get magic potions.
🎃Hidden objects Look for and find loopholes and hidden paths, secrets, treasures and magic gems!
🎃Dialogues Talk in many episodes with characters, make you own choices.
🎃Fight Fight evil spirits, zombies, carnivorous plants, frozen giants, my singing monsters, etc.

The plot of our game is quite simple and at the same time extraordinarily challenging.The mysterious Dramatistsent a spell to a mysterious city populated with kind and affable ghosts. The villain forces the unfortunate ghosts to perform unfamiliar roles in his mystical production. Together with the fearless sorceress Annahelp themto throw off the terrible masks and return peace to the city!
You have to go through a lot of tests,solve many mysteriesand reveal the veil of secrecy that enveloped the city.Only then good will finally be able to triumph over evil.

Meet new characters and enjoythe best gameplayin Ghost Town!

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We fixed several bugs, and the game is now smoother than ever.
Coming soon: Tournaments! Compete against other players and win prizes!
Ghost Town Adventures Apk

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