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Custom Skin Creator Minecraft.apk 4.9.8
Name: custom-skin-creator-minecraft.apk
ID: net.digitalageservices.minecraftyourself
Version: 4.9.8
Size: 12 Mb

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Custom Skin Creator Minecraft Details

This is a skin editor for minecraft only, it is not a game.
Create and store your custom skins online right inside the app so they are accessible on any device.
Access special super hero characters, popular Minecraft skins, and favorite character as Minecraft skins!
- Unique Pin Allows you to easily share your skin collection with friends and family.
- Edit the skins you create color pixel by color pixel
- Import Skins you already have
- 360 Degree 3D View
- Upload to
- Choose from Skin Color, Hair, Hats, Glasses, Pants, Jackets, Shirts, Helmets, and more coming.
- Save skins online so you can access them from any device.
- Minecraft 1.8+ Compatible
- Use these skins in Pocket Minecraft
- Girl and Boy Skins
- Favorite Characters Available as whole skins
- Easy to use, no art skills required
- Updated Regularly
Have a blast creating custom characters for Minecraft that you can customize down to the last detail. Over 1 Million combinations of skins to create.
If you are not in the mood to tweak the way your Minecraft skin looks, just choose from over thousands of pre-made popular Minecraft skins.

Have fun and share your creations with everyone.
For Computer Edition
1) Click the disk icon, save to skin collection.
2) Open Skin Collection
3) Click the upload to Icon
4) Have Fun!
For PE Edition
1) Hit the disk Icon and save to your device.
2) Locate your new skin in your files on your phone in the MinecraftYourself Folder.
3) Move the skin to your gallery, or camera directory.
4) Open Minecraft Pocket Edition. Make sure you have advanced graphic settings on.
5) Open the skin choosing settings. Choose Custom, and add your skin.
Minecraftify is Exclusively for Android!

What's new in Custom Skin Creator Minecraft 4.9.8

August 21
- Bug Fixes
- Added 10 Popular Skins
August 20th
- Urgent Crash Fix
(more updates with content coming soon)
August 19th
-Bug Fixes
August 17th
- Performance Improvements
- Bug Fixes
August 9th
- Bug Fixes
August 6th
- Now you get a unique pin to give anyone that allows you to share your whole skin collection.
- No longer need Google+ login to use the app.
Custom Skin Creator Minecraft | 4538 Reviewers | | Rating: 4.2

Download Custom Skin Creator Minecraft 4.9.8 APK

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