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Version: 1.18
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Free Wumble APK for PC
Free Wumble APK for PC
Free Wumble APK for Android

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WUMBLE (Wumble)

Wumble is a word jumble game with an interesting plot!
At the start, the game consists of 4 words to unscramble. A few letters in each of these words make up the answer to the clue/trivia at the end of the game.
Unscramble the jumbled words to solve the clue and win the game!!!
Each word has 5 letters. The letters of the jumbled word can be shuffled to help you deduce the word better.
Words can be given up too if the going gets tough (albeit, with a penalty for doing so!)

* Over 170000 clues with answers to solve & around 5000 words to unscramble!
* 4 words to unscramble (5 letters in each) leading up to the answer of a clever clue.
* Randomly generated words/clue pairs in each game so no two games are the same!
* Time based scoring along with options to shuffle/undo letters & give-up words.

Enjoy the game! It's absolutely FREE!!!
For suggestions/comments/bugs please email with the details at
Copyrights (c) 2015 ShashTech Inc.

What's new in Wumble 1.18

- Minor UI updates.
Wumble | 2 Reviewers | | Rating: 4

Download Wumble 1.18 APK

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