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Version: 1.04
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SIMPLY TRIVIA (Simply Trivia)
Simply Trivia is a game of trivia featuring over 30,000 questions. Quiz yourself with answers delivered Hangman style! There are fixed number of turns for you to guess all the letters of the answer. Quiz topics include general knowledge, art, geography, history, sports, science, medicine, entertainment and more.
* Over 30,000 questions to quiz your general knowledge!
* Mix of wide variety of topics such as general geography, art, history, sports, science, medicine, entertainment and many more.
* Hangman style of trivia with fixed number of guesses to arrive at the answer.
* Play the game with your choice of number of questions as Short, Long or Marathon.

Enjoy the game! It's absolutely FREE!!!
For suggestions/comments/bugs please email with the details at
Copyrights (c) 2015 ShashTech Inc.

What's new in Simply Trivia 1.04

- UI updates.
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Download Simply Trivia 1.04 APK

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