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SG TV Guide.apk 1.6.4
Name: sg-tv-guide.apk
Version: 1.6.4
Size: 2.7 Mb

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Free Download SG TV Guide APK for Android
Free Download SG TV Guide APK for PC

SG TV Guide Details

The app provides a quick way to access TV showtimes for the following channels:
* Channel 5,
* Channel 8
* Okto
* Channel U
* ChannelNewsAsia
* Suria
* Vasantham
* Miotv
Short summary:
This is a simple free/ads-supported app to quickly view the TV guide for the channels in Singapore by providing a mobile friendly view of the online TV listing pages.
It is designed to be very simplistic and to just do 1 thing well, so please do not expect too much from the app.

The contents are retrieved from the web and I am not responsible for the update or maintenance of the content.
Starhub and MioTv guide is not available in this app at the moment.
The longer summary:
I was quite surprised by not being able to find a quick way to browser the TV listings for the free to air Singapore channels, even though a perfectly working version exists on the web.
Initially, I wrote this app just for myself, but it seemed pretty nifty for checking TV listings, so here it is (released as a utility for a wider audience).

What's new in SG TV Guide 1.6.4

stability fixes
* updated so that video ads sounds are off by default
* fixed app crash for some devices
* reduce number of full screen ads
* fixed sound for reminder
* fixed data retrieval for Channel U and Channel News Asia
* Added setting to turn off notification light
* Added setting to use device timezone or default to Singapore timezone
* resolve issue where reminder icon is not selected properly after app restart
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Download SG TV Guide 1.6.4 APK

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