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Version: 1.12
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Download Quizonym APK for PC
Download Quizonym APK for PC

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QUIZONYM (Quizonym)
Quizonym is a word game that challenges you to choose the closest synonym or antonym for a given word.
You are presented with 4 plausible choices for each word. The game features 15000+ related (synonym/antonym) word groups.
* Over 7,000 unique words to test your verbal ability!
* 4 choices picked randomly for each word so no two games are the same!
* Score your way through 10 words (synonym + antonym) in each game.
* Bonus score for getting it right within time.

Enjoy the game! It's absolutely FREE!!!
For suggestions/comments/bugs please email with the details at
Copyrights (c) 2015 ShashTech Inc.

What's new in Quizonym 1.12

- Minor UI updates.
Quizonym | 3 Reviewers | | Rating: 3.7

Download Quizonym 1.12 APK

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