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Little Web Browser [2].apk 0.9.43
Name: little-web-browser-[2].apk
Version: 0.9.43
Size: 3.2 Mb

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Little Web Browser [2] Details

Little Browser aims to be a very fast web browser. It is designed to be very simple to use and to load the webpage as fast as possible.
It reduces data utilization by displaying only readable content from webpages and by not downloading extraneous contents like scripts and images.
This app makes getting information over the web easier and faster especially when internet speed and bandwidth are limited and is very suitable for users on the move.
In-app purchase is available to remove ads.

1. Reduces data utilization by no downloading ads, images.
2. Bookmark webpages for quick site access. Saved bookmark can be accessed by searching for them by entering the bookmark name into the address bar (you may need to scroll down to find the matched bookmarks).
3. Quick access to recently accessed webpage (up to 10) via navigation drawer on the left.
4. Supports webpage zooming.
5. Supports back button to move to previous webpage.
6. Built in ads blocker for website
7. Invert color (white text on black background for pre android 4.4 Kit kat devices only)
Little Browser recognizes
* "mailto:" html link and redirects the user to his mail editor
* "tel:" link and opens the phone call dialog
* "geo:" link and sends the coordinates to the map program
Explanation of Permissions Required:
INTERNET: for accesing the web
READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: for backing up and restoring bookmarks to/from sdcard
READ_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS: for importing system bookmarks into Lynx Browser
Quick Tip:
* Access the tabs by sliding in from the left (see screenshot)
* Other shortcuts are also available by sliding in from the right (see screenshot)
* To go to "", just enter "nba" into the url text.
* Turn off Javascript for even faster browsing experience. (Warning: some sites with heavy usage of Javascript may fail to load properly. Just reenable Javascript when that happens)
* Hide address bar to increase amount of screen space
* Long click in manage bookmark to get context menu to appear (so that you can delete/rename selected bookmark)

* This application is a work in progress. *
Give it a 5 stars if you like it.
Free feel to let me know how the app can be improved for you (I am always on a lookout for ways to make it better)
I would appreciate if you can refrain from giving the app a bad rating. I am just starting out, give me a chance to fix it for you :)

Known Issues
- zooming does not work for mobile sites (update settings to use "Prefer desktop sites" to workaround this for the time being)

What's new in Little Web Browser [2] 0.9.43

Camera permission is needed for taking and changing picture on left slide out panel
bug fixes
left drawer picture can now be customized
(more improvements will be made in coming versions)
removed screen nagging user to upgrade
updated so that video stops playing when the tab is closed
refreshed app launcher icon
combined old overflow menu with new right navigation drawer
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Download Little Web Browser [2] 0.9.43 APK

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