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ロト (Japan Lotto).apk 0.1.7
Name: ロト-(japan-lotto).apk
Version: 0.1.7
Size: 2.7 Mb

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ロト (Japan Lotto) Details

This is an application for checking lottery results in Japan.
More lottery types will be added in the coming releases.
Latest and current result for Loto 6, Loto7 and Mini Loto
Swipe left/right to move between draws.

This is not an official app and while care is taken to ensure accuracies, the author of this app does not provide any form of guarantee to the results sourced by the application.

What's new in ロト (Japan Lotto) 0.1.7

* bug fixes
* enhanced results loading speed
* changed colour scheme
* updated colour scheme
* increased font size
* fixed background color
ロト (Japan Lotto) | 1 Reviewers | | Rating: 3

Download ロト (Japan Lotto) 0.1.7 APK

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