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Spend less time studying and get your A&P! Pass your FAA Aviation Mechanic written tests with the most trusted and easiest to use FAA Knowledge Test prep system. This is the FAA Aviation Mechanic - Powerplant version of GroundSchool, our FAA knowledge (written) test preparation featuring up-to-date questions, free updates, and a question databank maintained by our professional team of mechanic instructors and examiners.
GroundSchool is fully compatible with FAA ACS (Airman Certification Standards) and our editorial team is working to keep it so as ACS continues to evolve.
*** New! This app now features our exclusive "Jargon Buster" feature - over 10,000 aviation and aviation maintenance technical terms defined and linked to in a "don't lose your place" way to help you score higher and learn more efficiently! ***
*** This app has now been updated with many new features, including support for favorite questions, a more robust and faster update feature, support for a wider range of devices, including Android 3.x and greater tablets (including large screen sizes and more and Motorola devices, integration with the (optional) test monitoring / results sharing service, question search, and much more! ***
Don't be fooled by imitators! Competing apps use only the limited set of questions that the FAA publicly releases via its website - that is not enough to adequately prepare you for your test! Our GroundSchool app, on the other hand, features a much more comprehensive database (typically about 2-4 times the size of the demo FAA public one) of actual and current FAA questions that you likely can and will be asked on the actual test! This along with our detailed, professional explanations and easy to use interface are major reasons why pilots have come to trust GroundSchool.
Study actual, up-to-date FAA questions and then ACE your FAA Aviation Mechanic - Powerplant written test the easy way with GroundSchool FAA Knowledge Test Preparation software by Dauntless Aviation, the trusted leader in FAA written test preparation.
* Actual FAA Questions Current and Valid for Right Now. As soon as you install the software, use the 'update' feature and the software will connect to our servers, grab the latest questions, images, figures, and explanation content, and you'll be good to go.
* Question bank maintained by our experienced editorial team.
* All Charts and Figures Included
* Several flexible study modes - fits the way you want to study!
* Compatible with all FAA and private "ground school" mechanic classroom-based courses
With Dauntless Aviation's GroundSchool, you don't need to worry:
* Our material is UP TO DATE. No matter what date is listed here in regarding the 'Release date', this date refers to the program itself only. Once you get the program on your device, use the built-in update feature and it will connect to our servers and download the latest and greatest version of the test prep content that we have available. To learn more about this, please visit our website.
* Furthermore, you are welcome to update the material as often as you like. This means that even if you don't take your test soon, when do you, GroundSchool will be ready for you. Compare this to books or DVDs (which are going out of date from the moment they are printed).
* Tens of thousands of people have used our products to prepare for their FAA knowledge tests. Ours is a system that works.
This is the Aviation Mechanic - Powerplant version of the software only. Most serious mechanic students will want to purchase all three - General, Airframe, and Powerplant versions of this software to help their study. These must be purchased separately via this Appstore.

Good luck on your test!

What's new in FAA A&P Powerplant Test Prep 1.8.0

Thank you for making GroundSchool the number one app for FAA Knowledge Test Prep!
This version includes:
Updated questions corresponding to new FAA ACS (Airmen Certification Standards)
Actual FAA questions
Updated illustrated explanations to best prepare you for any new questions the FAA may throw your way
Updated User Interface
Small bugs fixes
Performance Improvements
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