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Download China ATPL Pilot Exam Prep APK for Android
Download China ATPL Pilot Exam Prep APK for Android
Download China ATPL Pilot Exam Prep APK

China ATPL Pilot Exam Prep Details

Ace your Chinese (CAAC) ATPL Airline Pilot Exams!
If you're an English-speaking pilot (whether Chinese or not) looking to boost your aviation career by obtaining a Chinese ATPL certificate (either new or when converting from an FAA, EASA, or other license), this app will help you pass the tricky Chinese ATPL tests. Often, pilots flying in China find that they can leapfrog into jets far quicker than they might in elsewhere, so a Chinese ATPL presents huge career opportunities and is the smart way to get prepared for it quickly and efficiently.
Our GroundSchool - China ATPL app and its content is written and presented entirely in English (test takers may take the test in English) and features:
- A polished an efficient learning environment with plenty of study and learning modes
- A large question set (larger and more complete than most out there) representative of current CAAC exams and covering all included subject areas. This includes China-specific areas such as Chinese Air Law and Regulations, charts, and more.
- Free lifetime updates so you can get the latest question updates when feedback comes in from our partner flight schools in China and from previous test takers
- All charts and figures required for reference, many in higher quality than found anywhere else
- A built-in, fully integrated JargonBuster dictionary of thousands of aviation terms
- Unique questions and figures not found elsewhere for maximal study
Note to test takers: the CAAC is notoriously coy about letting on what is in the tests. A conscientious student who learns the material in our app will typically find most but not all of the questions to be familiar, but may also encounter questions from "out of left field" thrown in by the CAAC. Furthermore CAAC English-language questions are sometimes poorly worded to the point of being nonsensical or ambiguous. This is unfortunately the reality that test takers have to deal with.
While such things add a bit of randomness to the CAAC exam process, you can maximize your chance of success by using our app. Don't just memorize - but try to learn and understand the material so you'll be ready for similar questions. Our app is unique in that we work with flight schools in China and offer free lifetime updates, so it's probably as good a prep as there is out there given the realities and vagarities of the CAAC exams, but pilots accustomed to relatively known FAA and EASA question sets will need to adjust their expectations a bit before sitting the CAAC exams. We gratefully welcome any specific question and content feedback that you may have after taking your exams.
Thank you for checking out our app! Good luck in your tests and in your aviation career!

What's new in China ATPL Pilot Exam Prep 1.8.0

This latest version includes:
- Content upgrades: new and updated questions and answers
- Usability upgrades: little tweaks to make your studying faster and more efficient
- Compatibility upgrades - this app is now compatible with more devices and more OS versions
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Download China ATPL Pilot Exam Prep 1.8.0 APK

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